Submission Rules

All posts are moderated before being published, and the committee will not hesitate to refuse publication to any post in contravention of these guidelines.


  • Include a short sentence summarising/providing an introduction for your post, and put the rest of the content below a read-more banner.  This makes it easier to browse the blogs.
  • Check for spelling and grammar
  • Respect copyright.  Properly attribute all work that is not your own original work, just as you would do for an essay.
  • Fact-check anything you submit where relevant.
  • Ensure that any content posted in relation to employment/internships respects confidentiality clauses/NDAs where applicable.


  • Post advertisements for your own products/events.  If you wish to publicise events, please contact either the Secretary or the relevant JCR Committee Member.  Where relevant, JCR events will be posted on the calendar.
  • Post content that is likely to be deemed offensive
  • Use this as a channel for gossip/abuse

Abuse of the ability to post blogs will result in the suspension of users' rights to post.


A posting ban may result in censure in the JCR.  We do not wish to impose this, but will if we have to!

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