Forum Rules

Welcome to the St. Anne's JCR Forum.

Please read the rules below, there are not many, and abiding with them helps everyone.  Any views expressed by committee members are their own views and do not necessarily represent those of the committee and the JCR body as a whole.


  • Post threads in the correct section. The general discussion page is for any threads that do not obviously fit any categories.
  • Get to know your fellow members and peers! Help out new users with any questions, be active, and share your feedback. Participating and affecting the community in a positive way will improve your forum reputation.
  • Please offer respect to your fellow users and moderators and refrain from personal attacks, calling out another user. If threads become personal or heated towards a member, the thread will be locked/removed and further actions may be taken.
  • Send any account issues or problems you have to the IT officer. I check the forums when I can, but the only way to guarantee I'll see and resolve your issue is to contact me directly.


  • Spam. These threads will be disabled and users warned and/or banned.
  • Duplicate threads will be locked to keep the forums clear, please do a search before posting a new thread and check out the recent threads from the past few days. There is a good chance the topic has already been started.
  • Post any threads discussing or link to piracy and/or warez sites. These do more damage than good and will be locked or disabled. Report any copyright, piracy, or warez violations to the IT officer.
  • Go extremely off the topic of the thread in question. We understand the forums are a fun place and a little off topic chat never hurt anyone, but the mods may step in to steer the direction if needed.
  • Discuss or link to offensive topics, such as pornography, violent themes, sexism, racism or other discriminatory subjects, even as a “joke”. Users doing so will receive a warning and further action if needed.
  • Post or solicit any kind of racism, flaming, trolling, harassment, discrimination of any kind, or behaviour deemed by the committee to be intentionally abusive or inappropriate will result in an immediate warning. Further violations can escalate to account freezes and bans.
  • Create forum titles in all capital letters.

Anti-censorship, Pro Constructive Feedback!

We value the feedback and input we get from the community. Seriously. As long as posts abide by forum rules and guidelines, we’ll step back, take note and respond to input or feedback given. If you have any issues or something you’d like to discuss privately please do not hesitate to contact a member of the committee via their relevant e-mail addresses. We are here to help and to steer the conversation and give any input needed. If you have questions about the forums let us know!

Our Warning and Forum Ban Policy

We will temporarily or permanently ban members from the forums for repeated rule breaches, including our policies on trolling or any other form of consistent disruptive behaviour. Forum bans will usually be temporary and will only be used when other alternatives have already been looked at and have not been successful. To avoid disruption to your forum privileges, please observe the rules in this document at all times and always follow direction from the committee. They will report serious rule infractions and a warning or forum ban may result. If your account has been banned (temporarily or permanently), you will still be able to browse the forums, but not be able to comment or post new threads. Access to other site services will be maintained. A committee member will contact you at your registered email address in the event that your account has restrictions placed on it with further information.

A forum ban may result in censure in the JCR. We do not wish to impose this, but will if we have to!

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